Google I/O Extended @Headout

Only 5 hours to go for Google’s I/O event! You can expect big announcements in the keynote, and you can catch them here live with us at the Headout HQ!

Here is what to expect in tonight’s event:-

  • Android N: What’s got us the most hyped up for the event is the next version of Android! We already have seen sneak-peeks of a lot of upcoming features, but there’s a certain joy to having suspicions confirmed. Speaking of suspicions, our money is on a team-up with Nutella, for Android ‘N’. Anyone care to bet on it?
  • Chrome OS + Android Merge: This has been in talks for a while, Chrome OS running Android apps. Which would be great for both the limited Chrome OS and it’s app store, and Android and its limited optimisation for larger screen sizes.
  • Project Chirp: With Google also trying to enter the connected-home market, Amazon’s Echo might not be the only device out there! Rumoured to be called “Google Home”, is a voice-powered assistant that sits in your living room and answers any questions you shoot at it.

Join us tonight at 9:30pm, which should give you enough time to grab your seats and enjoy our live-stream of the whole event, complete with multiple screens for the different programs that will be happening simultaneously. Come and be part of Google’s biggest annual event!

Stay tuned for more updates!

For more info about the location and schedule, please check out our Facebook page -

If you are not able to make it to our office, you can watch it live here :)


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