How Much Will You Pay Me?

Everyday there’s atleast one engineer who asks me this question before I can introduce myself or Headout. So far, I haven’t been able to come up with an ideal way to respond to something so direct. It’s like going to a car showroom and the salesman asks if you’re carrying your chequebook without telling you what car he’s talking about or what it can do for you.

While I understand that money is vital. Considering the state of the education system in the country, engineers need to invest a considerable amount of money to obtain their coveted ‘Bachelor of Technology’ degree and they certainly expect the best ROI out of it (unlike the marketing folks of certain Indian startups). However, at Engineering@Headout we’re rather biased towards candidates who bring in passion to the job, who think about ideas while others sleep on them and who care more about solving problems than just paycheques.

Having said that we obviously do not want you to do charitable work for us. A quick lookup on Glassdoor should be a good indication about the average salary for engineers and a gander at our careers page should let you know the extent to which we like to spoil our employees (not to brag but every Headout employee gets Free Uber rides, free laundry service, catered meals, gym reimbursement, COMPULSORY outings and a chance to work with some of the most interesting people around :P)

So if you get a call from us, tell us about that whacky college project that your juniors still copy, tell us about that hackathon you won which your mum has no clue about, tell us about the browser extensions and macros you made to get a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC or impress us with your GitHub account full of dark green tiles. And trust us, if we like your work.. you won’t have to worry about how much we’ll pay you :)

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